People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou

"There are precious few people in this world that recognize their true calling and wholly embrace it.  I feel confident in saying that Melissa is among their ranks.  Her passionate and caring attitude is reflected in all that she does. Having her by my side, I felt strong and safe during my home birth. Based on my experience, I would recommend her as a midwife without hesitation. If I decide to have another child, hers will be among the first numbers I call!" -Shawnee 

"Since giving birth is very personal, I was looking for someone who is not only well trained but also has a great personality, that would allow me to open up and get the support I need during the whole process. When my husband and I met Melissa for the first time she shared her own birth experience and passion for what she does, and made us feel very comfortable to have her as our midwife.  While I was in her care, she answered every question I had and helped to ease my mind from all concerns and worries. I am forever grateful to Melissa who helped me make the birth experience something that I will cherish for the rest of my life." - Yoko 

"Birth has always scared me. In fact, I used to get nightmares about being pregnant and how painful I assumed birth would be (because that's all anyone tells you - it'll hurt like hell). So when I fell pregnant with my first child I was all up for a hospital birth with as many pain killers as possible. "Dope me up to the eyeballs and yank the baby out," was my motto.That was, until I reached the end of the second trimester when my husband voiced his desire for a home birth. After doing some reading about it I suddenly had a change of heart and sent Melissa a tentative email asking if it was too late to change my plans. She got back to me that day and suggested I come in for a consultation. 

Right from the first meeting I decided she was the one I wanted to handle my birth. Sitting in her cozy office I was struck by two things: she was on time for my appointment (unlike the doctors where I sat around for hours in a WIFI dead spot unable to even distract myself with photos of cats doing stupid things) and she immediately felt like a friend, someone I could trust, and that mattered a lot. I'd seen a bunch of doctors and nurses by that point but everyone had made me feel nervous about what was happening to me. Melissa didn't. 

Because Melissa was so cool I began to look forward to our appointments where we shared tips on food and the best shows to watch as my increasing stomach made me more and more sofa-bound, and as the weeks slipped by I read and re-read the pregnancy guide she had given me and my anxiety lessened. Each week she checked my baby's position (something none of the doctors had ever done) and each week she reassured me that everything was progressing as it was supposed to.

When I finally did go into labor I wasn't scared, because Melissa was there, texting me and encouraging me until it was time to come over. She arrived to find me stark naked hanging on to the bathroom sink and didn't bat an eyelid. Birth is a messy business that can be humiliating what with everything inside you making a break for freedom from one orifice or another, but she didn't make me feel embarrassed. She held my hands, supported me until it was over and I truly believe that my labor went quickly because she helped me to not be afraid. 

The aftercare I received was excellent. I didn't have to go anywhere for three weeks and whenever I had a question she would text me right back with an answer. Even silly questions like, "Is it normal to cheep checking the baby's breathing?" would be answered sagely. I never felt alone. My birth was nothing like the horror stories people like to tell pregnant women and contrary to what many people told me the pain wasn't unmanageable. I did not need or once feel I needed an epidural. The best endorsement I can give Melissa is to say that I feel I've gained a friend from this and I don't want anyone else to handle the birth of my second child."  -Jocelyn 

"From the time we first met her we knew that having Melissa as our midwife was the right decision. She explained everything well and made us feel super comfortable. The whole home birth experience with Melissa as our midwife was for lack of better words, awesome!" -Alaina